Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Publishing Success!

After what has been a truly horrible and soul crushing week (it has been depressing, I've been crying, curled up in a ball, wanting to throw my studies in and myself in front of a lawn mower), BUT I have received some good news to help pick me up off the bloodied grass.

WARNING: Don't watch if you can't handle gore or B movies

One of my poems (not the crappy blackout poetry) has been picked up for publication! I won't give details just yet as it's a few months until it comes out, but this has been very timely good news, when I need it most.

The poem is short but very close to my heart.  Writing it was a reflection on a really difficult time in my family's life and my denial about what was happening, in the end, to my detriment.  In any event, I'll post the link when it gets published.

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