Wednesday, 14 August 2013

50 Facts About Me -- Part I

I've been seeing a lot of Youtube videos with the '50 Facts About Me' tag and thought it would be pretty fun to transfer the same idea to Our Daily Prose.  So here goes Part 1...

1. My name - Jannali - is an Australian Aboriginal word meaning 'moon'.

2. I am quite literally allergic to stress.  If I stress too much I break out into hives!!

3. I made it to diploma level flute before stopping lessons to focus on my writing.

4. My favourite tea is Twinnings Irish Breakfast tea.
Image (c) Alexandre Dulaunoy 2008
Mmmmm tea.
5. I can sing an E6.

6. I am currently obsessed with Park Bom of 2ne1.
Image (c) the.angrycamel from Singapore, Singapore

7. I love the colour purple so much I asked for an amethyst instead of a diamond engagement ring.

8. For a time I went by Jannali Harrison ... long story.

9. I like to tell people my favourite food is spanikopita, but it's really hot chips.
Image (c) Indirect Heat 2010
Spanikopita just sounds like a more sophisticated favourite food.

10. I have nightmares about tsunamis.

To be continued ...

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